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Name of the
Qualification Ph.D. Topic Branch Publications
Dr. Dinakara .G. M.A. (Kannada),
B.Ed., Ph.D., UGD-NET
Kannada Ramayanagalalli
'Ravana' - Ondhu Adhyana
Kannada 3
Dr. Govindaiah H.K M.A., M.P.Ed.,
M.Phil., Ph.D
- - -
Dr. Narayana K H M.A,
Ph.D in Sanskrit
- Sanskrit 5
Dr. Rita Kumari Ph. D, M.Phil, M.A. (Hindi) Shri Veerendra Jain ke
Upanyaason mein chitrit
Vyavastha ki Asangatiyaan
Hindi Upanyaas 4
Dr. Praneetha B.S. Ph.D Legal Regime Relating Climate Change
- A Study With Special Reference
To United Kingdom And India
- 6
Dr. Sandeep C Ph.D A Study on Working , livelihood,
Social Security and Welfare
facilities in Unorganized Sector
with Special reference to Workers
in MandakkiBatti in Karnataka.
- 6
Dr. Subhash Bhoger M.A, M.phil, Ph.D - Arts 4
Dr. Kavyashree H Ph.D. in Kannada Kannadada Naatakakaritiyaru:
Sahityika, Samskrutika Shodha
Kannada 4
Dr. Manjula V M.Com, MBA,
M.Phil, Ph.D
Dimensions of Industrial Relations
on Organisational Performance - A
Comparative study between public
and private sector
Commerce 5
Dr. S. Sharmila M.Com., LLM, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D, Inter ICWA "A Study on the Recent Trends in Financial Statements and Techniques adopted in the Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Performance of Companies in Indian Context". Commerce Papers - 5,
Books - 250,
text books with ISSN Nos
Dr. V R Bhargavi M.Com., MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D, PGDCP "A Study on Employee Engagement and its impact on organizational effectiveness in select Global companies in Bangalore City". Commerce Papers - 14
Books - 15
Dr. Chitra Shashidhar M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D "Perception and practice of ethics in hotel industry". Management 38
Dr. Raji Pillai M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, PGDCA, Ph.D "An Investment Analysis of Selected Cryptocurrencies, Stock and Commodities". Commerce 12
Dr. Sapna G S M.A, Ph.D Transcending gender stereo types in the autobiographies of select women writers Arts 8
Dr. Urmila Porwal M.A, Ph.D, D.Litt(Honorary) "Swatantryottar Hindi Natyalochan Aur Nemichandra Jain" Arts 43
Dr. Poornima D MCA, M.Phil, Ph.D "Medical Diagnosis & Thyroid disorders using ultrasound images" Computer Science 13
Dr. Narasimha Murthy G M.A, Ph.D - Arts -
Dr. Maheshwari G B M.A, Ph.D - Arts 2
Dr. Fatin M.Com, Ph.D "A Study on Mezzanine Financing with special reference to Bangalore based small & medium enterprises" Commerce 8