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Sl.No Paper Title Authors Page No.
1 Broadening the scope of English studies Prof. Mathew Varghese 7-13
2 "Preventive Health Care and Social Work Education in Kalyana - Karnataka” Suresh Naik R
Dr. Gouri Manik Manasa
3 Women as a victim of patriarchal construct: a feminist study of virginia woolf’s a room of one's own Sarwar Ahmad Wani 25-28
4 Public perception on pharmaceutical marketing practices in India: A Review & Research Agenda Dr. Charanath Sivakumar 29-43
5 A study on digital learning platforms for digital transformation in education Rajwinder Kaur 44-51
6 A study on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Contributions to the Indian Economy Rekha K.
Dr. Medhavini S. Katti
7 Effectiveness of grievance handling system for employees in it sector - with reference to bengaluru city Asst. Prof. Hajira Sultana 68-75
8 Women work force in management sector –an analysis of the strategies to cope with work life balance Dr. Rashmi C K 76-82
9 Cultural identity in linda grant’s novel “when i lived in modern times” Chandni Begum
Dr. Karunesh Jha
10 Impact of goods and services tax (GST) on women entrepreneurs: A study of vijayapura city of karnataka state Ms. Shabana Malled
Dr. R.V. Gangshetty
11 An economic analysis of electric mobility Sowjanya. U. A
Dr. Ravindra Kumar B