Faculty Development Programs

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Faculty Development Programs

How to apply for ICSSR project

Seshadripuram First Grade College Yelahanka , conducted a 7 days virtual professional development programme on the title " How to apply for ICSSR project" for the faculties from 19th April to 25th April in online platform. The objectives of the sessions was to help the faculties to gain the knowledge about how to apply for the ICSSR project. The session commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The host of the event Prof. Mukund G, had addressed the gathering and welcomed guest Dr. Kankipati Srinivasa Rao associate professor, from Government First Grade College , Kukatpally , Hyderabad and Dr. Vijay Kumar A.B. associate professor. All set sister consistence institutions had participated around 100 members had participated in the ICSSR programme. The guests explained to the participants that how to apply for ICSSR and to obtain the ICSSR projects. At the end of the session presidential address and vote of thanks are delivered by the prof. Mukund G. And all the participants had received the e-certificates.

“Role of Financial Inclusions & Financial Literacy in Indian Economy”

Program was all about the financial inclusions of Indian economy where resource person briefed about it financial inclusion is a multifaceted and dynamic system that can be comprehensively described as the access and availability of the formal financial system to all sections of society. It includes members of lower socioeconomic classes and less privileged spheres of society Global trends have shown that in order to achieve inclusive development and growth, the expansion of financial services to all sections of society is of utmost importance. As a whole, financial inclusion in the rural as well as financially backward pockets of cities is a win-win opportunity for everybody involved – the banks/NBFC’s intermediaries, and the left-out urban population. Banks will handle core infrastructure and services while intermediaries known as Business Correspondents (BC’s) will be the executors and act as the face of these banking & financial institutions in dealing with end-users.

Faculty Development Program on Practical Approach to Computer Networks Organized by Department of Computer Science In Association with IQAC & SRF

Resource Person - Manoj Kashyap R founder at EthicalByte

Topics Discussed:

  • check icon To understand why networks are useful for Communications.
  • check icon To learn how to configure and implement the applications.
  • check icon To learn how to build the networks for communications.
  • check icon Deep learning how to troubleshoot the configurations for communications.
  • check icon Reflect on the experience and understanding of networking.
  • check icon Prepare for and practise networking
  • check icon Develop own authentic and achievable approach and strategies.
  • check icon Networking Concepts as per NEP Syllabus 2020.
  • check icon Cyber Security
  • check icon Ethical Hacking
  • check icon Installing and Configuring Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • check icon Setting IPV4
  • check icon Tracing the network connectivity after setting up routing Protocols.

Day 1

A faculty development programme was organized from 16/12/2022 to 23/12/2022 at Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka on the above mentioned topic. This was a seven day Faculty Development Programme where various related subtopics were discussed in detail by eminent Resource Person (Manoj Kashyap R) and a very beneficial academic environment was experienced by the participants. The FDP was started on 16th December, 2022 with the Lamp Lightening ceremony followed by SET Anthem. The dignitaries were welcomed by the Principal Dr.S.N Venkatesh and presented flowers. The first technical session was on the Networking Concepts. He also discussed the latest trends which are observed in various Technologies and the perception of technologies regarding the same. The lecture was very beneficial and provided an insight on the various challenges associated which a Cyber Security has to overcome. The technical session was followed by lunch.

Day 2

On second day technical session 2 and technical session 3 were organized. The guest speaker was Manoj Kashyap R discussed about Security and ethical hacking in present Scenarios. There were exchanges of ideas on the issues concerning the Society. It was also discussed the requirement of the networks and how research activities can be carried out by teachers in limited time span and with limited resources. In the technical session 3 Manoj Kashyap R discussed about how to Install and configure the components and set the path of the IP address .The session was followed by lunch

Day 3

On third day technical session 4 & 5 were addressed by Manoj Kashyap R, enlightened the participants about skills required to use Networking communication. Various life skills were discussed in detail over the two sessions of the day. Various Practical sessions were discussed and practically implemented the same. Manoj Kashyap R cited the examples to make the attainment of the skills very clear. In all, the technical sessions provided a good learning experience. This was followed by lunch

Day 4

On the fourth day the technical session 6 & 7 were organized. Participants were fortunate to listen, speaker discussed on the changes in the new curriculum. The various competencies that need to be developed and the preparation required from the side of the teacher educators were discussed.

Day 5

Day five was again addressed by Manoj Kashyap R and the topic of discussion was Professional Networking skills of Teachers in provided various case studies. Configuring Routers and Switches, Building a network topology and configuring the entire network, Static and dynamic routing, Setting up a static IPv4 route, Setting up dynamic RIP v2 routes.

Day 6

On day six the session 10 and 11 were held Manoj Kashyap R and Mr. Aditya discussed about creativity in young minds. They discussed how to teach to develop creativity in children. Install the packet tracer and configuring the static and dynamic IP address. Setting up a IPV4 route Manoj Kashyap R provided various examples where creativity was initiated and incubated in Providing Networking Security and Ethical Hacking.

Day 7

On day seven the morning session was addressed by Manoj Kashyap R Implemented practical’s on tracing the network Connectivity after setting up the routing applications. Configuring VLANS and configuring the network. After tea break the last session of the FDP i.e. the valedictory session was held. Report of the FDP was presented by Professor Rekha Raichal, Head of the Department and Addressed by Principal Dr S N Venkatesh and Certificates were distributed and votes of thanks were given by Associate Professor Amitha.K N.

Faculty Development Programs

The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) funded research project is completed by Dr. S N Venkatesh and Dr. Vijayakumar A B in The Post-Graduation Department of Commerce and Management, Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru on the title “ORGANISATIONAL CLIMATE, ORGANISATIONAL COMMITMENT AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF FIRST GRADE COLLEGE TEACHERS WORKING IN KARNATAKA”

A Special Lecture was organized by the Seshadripuram Research Foundation on the topic titled “Importance of Research in Higher Education” for the Faculty Members on 10th March 2020. Prof. K. V. Rao, Former Vice Chancellor, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andra Pradesh was invited as a Resource Person for the event.

Two day National Level FDP (Online) in association with Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) SFGC and PG SFGC organized on 5th and 6th June, 2020 on topic titled “Session-1: Selection of Scholarly Journals- Strategies & Techniques” and “Session 2: Web Visibility and Academic Identity-How & Why”. Resource Person for the FDP was Dr. BT Sampath Kumar, Professor, Tumkur University, Tumakuru.

A Special Lecture on the title - “Can Research Be A Strategy For Sustaining To Teaching Fraternity” was organised on 09-February -2021 for the faculty members of the institution with the objective of enriching the culture of research in the teaching fraternity. The lecture was organised as an initiative of IQAC. Resource person for the program was Prof. P. Paramashivaiah, Dept. of Studies and Research in Commerce, Tumkur University, Tumakuru. The resource person enlightened all participants through inputs for research activity with real facts and figures of research process, essence, and predicted impact of research on the stakeholder.

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One week Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Practical Methodology of Social Science Research” was held from 18th January 2021 to 25th January 2021 organized by Post-graduate Department of Commerce and Management, Seshadripuram First Grade College and Seshadripuram Research Foundation jointly organized as a part of Academic Collaboration with Sahodaran Ayyappan Smaraka SNDP Yogam College, Department of Commerce, Sahodaragiri, Konni, Pathanamtitta, Kerala.

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Resource person for the FDP was Dr. P S Ajith, Associate Professor, SAS SNDP Yogam College and Research Guide, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. Key Note Speaker of the FDP was Dr. Biju Pushpan, Principal, SAS SNDP Yogam College, Konni, FDP was inaugurated by Chief Guest Sri. W D Ashok, Trustee, Seshadripuram Educational Trust, Presided by Dr. S N Venkatesh, and Organising secretary of the program Dr. Vijayakumar A B.