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Dear Readers,

Research is the corner-stone of the edifice of higher education. When learning and teaching bear the stamp of in-depth research, education is at its best and most relevant. Seshadripuram Educational Trust places a high premium on research, motivates the faculty members and students to pursue research and bring the outcome of their research to bear on teaching and learning and the well being and progress of the nation. The research ecosystem in SET institutions is nonpareil – thanks to the Seshadripuram Research Foundation (SRF). SRF is the realization, the apotheosis of relevant research in all domains of knowledge. True to its vision, SET is constantly striving to meet the emerging challenges facing society. SRF leaves no stone unturned in promoting research: providing financial and library assistance for research projects, enabling researchers to present their research findings and supporting research publication. SJSS was launched primarily as a platform for publishing research papers/articles. Besides, SET collaborates with established universities and topnotch institutions at home and abroad for research leading to PhD, guided by senior research guides. I welcome researchers to make the best of the physical, institutional and human resources and expertise of SRF and contribute to the world of knowledge through their research.

Dr. S.N. Venkatesh

Director of SRF